Canine Cuisine Rich In Chicken And Rice Dog Food

Canine Cuisine is scientifically formulated by animal nutritionists to deliver optimum taste enjoyment and overall well-being for all dogs. In addition to this, Canine Cuisine provides all the key wellness benefits which include: immune boosting vitamins and minerals as well as omega oils and fatty acids for joint function. Canine Cuisine is packed in foil to ensure optimum freshness.

Canine Cuisine Puppy 3 to 18 Months Dog Food

As their playfulness and vitality demands a diet with correct balance between nutrient content and energy, Canine Cuisine Puppy food is a complete and balanced diet, scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of active, growing puppies.

Canine Cuisine Adult Small To Medium Breed 5kg To 20kg Dog Food

Small to Medium Breeds of dogs like Chihuahua, Jack Russells, Terriers, Bull Dogs and Beagles, require a different diet to that of medium and large sized dogs. A small dog has a small mouth and a matching stomach, and therefore cannot be fed the same diet that you would a dog twice its size.

Canine Cuisine Adult Large Breed 20kg Dog Food

Medium to Large Breeds of dogs like German Shepherds,Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes require regular exercise and a balanced diet with the right nutritional elements to help maintain strong muscles, healthy digestion and shiny coats.

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